March 6, 2014

Embed Getty's ("The world's largest photo service...") images for free and ethically!

My jaw is dropped at this massive development. A finer point is that the embeddable images will contain a footer with source information. For students and teachers using this content, it makes it easier to include images in work ethically. Spread the word!

Let's Crowdsource Formative Assessment Strategies

I came across this fantastic resource recently shared to Group - Diigo in Education. It's a Google Presentation collection of 56 formative assessment strategies curated by +David Wees. I've made a copy (see below) and shared editing publicly as I'd like to begin collecting exemplars and reflections of these strategies in action, as well as grow the collection. I'm particularly interested in tech connections/integrations employed/able when using these strategies in a 1:1 or paperless environment. Which of these are more or less effective with technology? Click HERE to read/contribute notes, reflections, or new strategies.