September 2, 2014

#1st5days - Six Word Selfies

Something needs to change here...soon.
Given the impossible number of permutations oozing from the Six-Word Memoirs movement, I've decided to jump in this pond to help initiate two new courses our Technology department has introduced this year for Grade 9: Digital Photography and Broadcast Journalism.

Each course will be given this task and the approach to this mini-project will go as follows:

  • Compose a six-word memoir statement that communicates a personal story that relates, but is not limited, to the following concepts:
    • Grade 9 as a crossroads
    • Challenging, but necessary, life adjustments
    • Taking control of what you can control
    • What it means to succeed
  • Compose a series of six "selfie" images that observe the following criteria:
    • all images are appropriate for school
    • each image uses a different camera angle
    • each image uses a different light direction or source
    • no post-editing filters or cropping may be used
  • Compile text and images into Google Drawing template shared to their class folder in Google Drive via Hapara Teacher Dashboard. (Click HERE to view template, or make a copy for yourself)

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